Munich: Breakfast in the Th Cafe in Schwabing – Munich

If you head to the hangover breakfast at the weekend after a long night and stop at the Th Cafe on the corner of Georgenstrasse and Kurfürstenstrasse, you have the feeling that you may never have left the bar yesterday evening. In the light-flooded café, the music is not only playing in the background, framed black and white photographs hang on the walls and the waiters could also be bartenders behind a hip Munich counter. As hip as the café on the border between Maxvorstadt and Schwabing may seem at first glance, the atmosphere has remained so warm-hearted and so little over-the-top.

Th Cafe has been around for eleven years. It all started with a small daytime café, and now breakfast and a lunch menu are also offered here. The T in the name stands for Tino, the H for Hewan. A host couple who are not only silent operators, but also help on site. Hewan Herrmann still bakes the cakes on offer himself. For the fun of baking, she opened the café together with her boyfriend at the time, now husband, Tino. The result is a place where guests are greeted by name and where you feel completely at ease even as a non-regular guest. This is important to Hewan. “For our guests, it should be like living in a living room,” she says.

Cozy sitting area directly on the window front in Th Cafe

(Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger / Alessandra Schellnegger)

The counter is reminiscent of grandma’s chest of drawers. This touch of nostalgia meets dark aluminum, marble and soft armchairs. Directly at the window front, guests can take a seat on a kind of windowsill and comfortably watch the Schwabing hustle and bustle from inside, even in rainy autumn weather. If the weather cooperates, the terrace is still shady in the morning, and the sun slowly comes around the corner at noon.

You can also have breakfast outside.

(Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger / Alessandra Schellnegger)

What is there and what does it cost?

The breakfast menu in Th Cafe is manageable, but offers everything you could want for a relaxed Saturday morning. The latte macchiato (4.10 euros) is delicious. Start the day fruity and healthy with the muesli with fruit (6.90 euros). In addition to avocado bread (7.90 euros), there are also classics such as fried eggs and omelets (both 6.90 euros) on the menu.

Muesli with fruit and a cappuccino for breakfast

(Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger / Alessandra Schellnegger)

If you are looking for unusual breakfast plates with a large selection, which are often named after Bavarian first names or zodiac signs, you are wrong here. The real highlight is waiting at the café counter. There are cakes there. And not just any cakes, but really outstanding cakes.

They are touted by the café with “the best homemade cakes in town”. It is of course difficult to make such absolute statements. But at least one can say this much: The Th Cafe is already in the top league.

The cheesecake with berries is wonderfully creamy, the berries give off a slight acidity and go perfectly with the sweetness of the dough and the cheese cream. The chocolate cheesecake also tastes light and airy. The cake is served on slate plates. The price of 4.50 euros per piece of cake is tough at first glance. But the pieces are so big that you have to think twice about whether you accidentally ordered two of them. From 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. there is also a small lunch menu in the Th Café.

Cake heaven in the Schwabinger Th Cafe.

(Photo: Alessandra Schellnegger / Alessandra Schellnegger)

What is particularly striking?

The staff are very hard-working, uncomplicated and genuinely friendly. If the coffee is empty, you will immediately be asked whether something else can be used. You can tell that many people from Schwabing enjoy spending their day there and often. You greet each other, here and there there is a little bit of advice. If you come alone or don’t feel like talking, magazines and newspapers are available for you. You feel at home in Th Cafe. Just like in a trustworthy bar or in your own living room – only with more stylish furniture if necessary.

Th Cafe, Georgenstraße 35, 80799 Munich, opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 089/38869777, Instagram: @thcafemunich


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