Munich: Blitz Food Truck offers vegan burgers in the Deutsches Museum – Munich

The “Blitz Food Truck” has recently been in the inner courtyard and sells lunch dishes without animal ingredients from Tuesday to Saturday. If it goes well, the “crisis project” should remain in the long term.

Fits pretty well anyway: After all, a British vegan organization renamed January a few years ago the “Veganuary” to promote the vegan diet, since then it has been celebrated every year by the international vegan community. And Sandra Forster, a busy restaurateur with her restaurants and clubs Blitz, Kismet and Charlie as well as a vegan herself, launched her vegan and vegetarian “Blitz Food Truck” just at the end of the Christmas holidays. From Tuesday to Saturday between noon and 3 p.m. it stands in the courtyard of the Deutsches Museum and supplies its customers with vegan (without animal products) and vegetarian (with cheese) burgers and a daily changing lunch dish.

“I actually prefer the term food truck,” says Sandra Forster. “Food truck”, she says, sounds a bit monstrous. “What we are doing here is of course also a crisis project.” What do you want to do in times of the pandemic? And it also has to do with the fact that the management of the Deutsches Museum actually always wanted a lunch restaurant in the congress hall – where Sandra Forster has been running her Blitz Club and her vegetarian and vegan Blitz restaurant since 2017.

At lunchtime, however, you need walk-in customers, and that’s where you work hard on the Ludwigsbrücke. “People tend to come in the evenings,” says Forster, “and deliberately stick to us and not by chance.” Business is still going on in the evening. Not quite like it was before the pandemic, after all, the hours after 10 p.m., which are important for business, are missing. Opening the restaurant at lunchtime would not be profitable, if only because of the human resources involved.

Hence the food truck, right in front of the main entrance to the Deutsches Museum, and only at lunchtime. Forster has parked the former mail car converted into the “Blitz Burger Truck” there. There are vegan burgers with patties from Beyond Meat, but also vegetarian as cheeseburger with cheese. And a lunch dish that changes daily. On this Wednesday there is, for example, sweet potato and peanut soup with Indian papadam bread, on Thursday there is tomato soup with quinoa and “Maiz Frito”, ie roasted corn. If the snack goes well, then it should stay after the pandemic will hopefully end soon.

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