Munich: Bavarian Pop Culture Awards 2021 awarded – Munich

The award goes to the Sound Therapy Festival, Radio Buh, the Nuremberg Club Hirsch and the inclusion bar Chili. A favorite club of Munich could not prevail.

The Bavarian Pop Culture Prize, the 31st award of which a jury has just voted in the Maximilianeum, is not a tribute to individual bands. Rather, people are honored for their commitment to the benefit of the Bavarian pop and rock scene. In other words, facilitators, platform providers, pushers like Axel Ballreich, who runs the Hirsch live music stage in Nuremberg together with his partners. Now Ballreich was also on the jury (as well as in various committees) and did not give himself a vote, but he sat down deer narrowly against the Munich electronics store Harry Klein.

The prizes, which the Association for Pop Culture in Bavaria and the Ministry of Art have been awarding in four categories since 2018 and each endowed with 2000 euros, were well spread across the Free State. That won in the “inclusion” category chili from Dillingen, the art and culture pub is one of the Regens-Wagner workshops. People with physical or mental disabilities work here in a fully integrated and individually supported manner in all areas. The festival of the year is also healing, Sound therapy in Plankenfels. The Elektrosause is family-friendly and offers not only techno, but also yoga, herb hikes and hippie charm every August. The “Sustainability” category won Radio boo from Grassau. Eva Dettl and her brother Stefan (La Brass Banda) has presented and promoted 500 bands from the region for ten years.

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