Munich: A status report on the city’s drag king scene – Munich

They are young women from Munich who create male stage characters: who is behind the striking make-up and what drives drag kings? A status report on a scene that is looking for a place in Munich – and is on the move.

It takes two hours to be a king. Two hours isn’t much when you’ve waited so long for it. Like Mäx Wörlein, 20. When she was young, she says, she had to grow up quickly and was left to her own devices from an early age. “I often needed someone’s encouragement, but I was alone a lot,” says Mäx. She was bullied at school. Because she didn’t behave or dress “typically female,” she says. “I identify as non-binary. That’s why I try to distance myself from my feminine side as often as possible.” Around the evening of Easter Sunday. She stands on the violet-lit stage of Villa Flora. As a drag king. As King Tenu.

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