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The playwright Caren Jeß is awarded the Mülheim Drama Prize 2023 and the Audience Prize. Jess receives the award, which is endowed with 15,000 euros, for her play “The Cat Eleonore”. At the 48th Mülheimer Theatertage, which ended on Sunday, the world premiere of the monologue by the Staatsschauspiel Dresden, directed by Simon Werdelis and starring Karina Plachetka, was shown. The text tells the story of real estate agent Eleonore, who one day realizes that she is actually a cat and begins to live as one, with all the adversities that come with it. Your therapist dr. Wildbruch, connected by phone, finds it quite fascinating, medically, but also personally.

The jury reasoned that the piece was “extremely consistent and extremely provocative”, the language “highly musical and rhythmic”. You identify with the main character and at the same time you are disturbed. Jess has the courage to point out the egoism that usually accompanies a path of radical self-determination.

Eight pieces were nominated from 169 world premieres

The jury included journalist and author Till Briegleb, dramaturge Beate Heine, director Frederik Tidén, actress and director Anita Vulesica and theater critic Christine Wahl. A preliminary jury consisting of critics selected eight for the Mülheim Drama Prize from 169 German-language world premieres. In addition to Caren Jeß’ piece, seven other texts were nominated, including by Martin Heckmanns, Sivan Ben Yishai, Elfriede Jelinek, René Pollesch and by the Glossy Pain collective.

Actress Vidina Popov received the “Gordana Kosanović Actors Award” for her performance in Sivan Ben Yishai’s “Stage Insult (Do I not love it anymore or do I love it too much?)”. Roland Schimmelpfennig wins the Mülheimer Kinderstückepreis for his reinterpretation of the “Little Mermaid”.

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