Mühldorf district: police shoot runaway cows – Bavaria

Six cows escaped while being transported to a summer pasture on Wednesday. When unloading from the truck, “the six cows suddenly showed themselves wild, broke through the pasture fence and ran towards the airport in Mühldorf,” the police reported.

The two farmers, the owner of the animals and the one on the summer pasture, could not tame or catch the animals and alerted the police. The six cattle all took a different direction, they ran towards Wimberg, towards the airport, towards Frixing, towards Rohrbach and into an adjacent forest. The adjacent railway line had to be closed for a while because a cow was walking along the tracks. A butcher who was called was attacked by a cow.

A total of three cows were shot during the day and two animals were captured, a police spokesman said. The sixth cow had not yet been caught on Thursday morning, and the search is still ongoing. Drones were used to search for the animals, and forces from the Mühldorf Federal Police supported the Mühldorf Police Inspectorate in the operation.

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