Mountaineer crashed and died at Zugspitze

Mountaineer crashed and died at Zugspitze

Rescue workers could only determine the death of the climber (symbol image)

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A climber died in an accident on the Zugspitze. A snow slide caught the man and tore him 400 meters down.

A climber fell and died on the Zugspitze. An eyewitness had stated that the previously unknown man was caught and swept away by a small snow slide just below the summit near Garmisch-Partenkirchen on Friday, the police said on Saturday.

Hiker falls 400 meters at the Zugspitze

According to the police, he fell about 400 meters deep. The called rescue workers could only determine the death of the man. Eleven other climbers who were in the same place and noticed the accident had to be rescued by helicopters. Investigations into the cause of the accident and the identity of the deceased are ongoing. Third-party debt is currently not assumed.

It is the second incident this year in which a hiker died on the Zugspitze. The 28-year-old was traveling in “wintry conditions”, the police said at the time. The man fell over steep rocky terrain, 350 meters down. In addition to avalanches, sudden changes in the weather are one of the greatest dangers that hikers can face when climbing the Zugspitze.

Sources: planet knowledge, Police Headquarters Upper Bavaria South


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