Mountain rescue service: “If someone needs help, we are always there!” – Bavaria

Yellow helmets with radio microphones and medical supplies are on the shelves, carabiners and ropes are hanging on the wall – in case someone gets into an emergency situation in the mountains, everything is always ready at the mountain rescue service in Oberstdorf. There are many hikers and cyclists out and about on this sunny day in the last week of the holidays in Bavaria. Contrary to what you might expect, it is quiet at the mountain rescue center at the “Nordic Zentrum” cross-country skiing stadium. There is a white car in front of the large house with the mountain rescue service’s typical blue stripe on the door. It’s a coincidence that a few colleagues are at the station. The operations manager on duty is currently cooking himself lunch. “Anyone who is on duty in a week actually goes about their job as normal,” explains Max Dünßer, operations manager at the mountain rescue service in Oberstdorf.

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