Mountain biking in Bavaria: The tour to the Kührointalm at the Königssee – journey

The people of Berchtesgaden are considered to be mountain sports fanatics. Anyone who travels there often knows: This is a description of the state, not a prejudice. Depending on the time of year, they can be out on foot, on skis, paragliding or mountain bike in their really beautiful mountains. And in transitional periods, people like to use several sports equipment at the same time.

In late spring, for example, you will be overtaken by locals, including quite a few well-fit retirees on the e-bike, on the sweaty driveway from the Wimbachbrücke to the Kührointalm. They shouldered rucksacks on which touring skis and ski boots are attached, and some people step up in ski boots. Your intermediate goal is the so-called petrol curve, where you leave your bike and, if there is enough snow (which went well into May this year), take your skis up the Watzmannkar and ski down again on the best snow.

But even those who only have one mountain bike with them will get their money’s worth on this tour. The almost 800 meters of altitude over a forest path with partly steep ramps initially cost a lot of strength and sweat. But: You are compensated by an increasingly beautiful view of the Watzmann. Once you have reached the Alm, you are in front of the Postkartenberg. But it is better to sit and drink a wheat beer or something similar on the terrace of the alpine hut. The gaze falls on a small chapel with a sundial, under which it says: “Use the time, because the days are short.” An ambiguous sentence, because the chapel is dedicated to all the hikers and mountaineers who perished in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

If you are so thoughtful, you should definitely not stay on the Alm, but walk slightly downhill for about 15 minutes to the Archenkanzel. At this vantage point, any anxiety disappears: From here you can look from a great height over the emerald-colored Königssee to the Hochkönig. And you feel like one here on the steeply sloping edge of the forest. Below, the excursion boats to St. Bartholomä pull their aisles into the water, with the right wind the trumpet echo comes up here. Anyone who has enjoyed this long enough in the shade of one of the pine trees is also comforted by the immediate future: for mountain bikers, the only way to go from the Kührointalm is downhill.


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