Motorcycle: Always keep visor closed – car & mobile

Motorcyclists and scooters should keep the visor of their helmet closed while driving. This is the advice of the Institute for Two-Wheeler Safety (ifz) in Cologne. Otherwise, insects and blown stones could become dangerous projectiles even at low speeds. According to the institute, bees, for example, travel at a speed of 13 kilometers per hour, a horsefly even at 40 km / h. That is why two-wheelers can already experience painful impacts at a speed of only 30 km / h.

The ifz therefore recommends keeping the visor closed enough to prevent foreign body impacts. If you wear a jet or cross helmet, you shouldn’t do without the right glasses. According to the same logic, cyclists – at least those who drive 30 km / h and faster – should always wear glasses, says Andrea Lietz-Partzsch from the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany. Because if a foreign body should get into your eye, you reflexively close your eyes. On the one hand you don’t see anything for a short time, on the other hand there is the risk of jerking the handlebars. The ophthalmologist emphasizes that this is at least dangerous on a bike, and life-threatening on a motorcycle. “In addition, insects that get into the eye often die and secrete secretions that can be poisonous. This can lead to inflammation in the eye,” says the doctor.


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