Mosque manager sentenced to one year in prison for occult financing

The list of offenses is long. The manager of a mosque in Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, in the North, was sentenced on Monday to one year in prison and two years suspended probation, in particular for breach of trust, laundering of tax evasion, social benefits scam and opening of a clandestine school.

Amirouche O., 50, found guilty of all the offenses for which he was prosecuted, is also sentenced to a fine of 5,000 euros, the confiscation of two properties under investigation, a five-year ban on teaching , to issue checks, and to participate in an association as a volunteer.

He must reimburse 251,000 euros to URSAFF

The Dunkirk Criminal Court, which did not issue a committal warrant, also ordered the dissolution of the two associations it managed: the association managing the Al Houda Mosque, and another dedicated to school support for ‘children. He must also pay 31,400 euros to the Family Allowance Fund, 11,400 euros to the departmental council and 251,000 euros to URSAFF.

His sister Fatiha B., accused among other things of having embezzled for the benefit of her brother donations intended for the school support association, of which she was president, was, for her part, sentenced to a one-year suspended prison sentence. .

The sources of the file, an investigation into the opaque financing of two properties that he had acquired in Grande-Synthe for the two associations. The premises had been purchased in his name, while he and his wife, parents of six children, had declared no income since 2011, saying they lived on social and family benefits.

Member of the “tabligh” movement

The man, a member of the “tabligh” movement – ​​a movement born in India which promotes a proselytizing and apolitical vision of Islam – claimed to have used donations from the faithful to finance these purchases and never to have considered the premises as his own property .

During a search, the investigators also discovered a classroom within the mosque, leading to an incidental investigation for “illegal opening of a private educational establishment” and concealed work of teachers.

Amirouche O. had also refrained from declaring the rents generated by one of his properties. He had continued the activities of the mosque while the town hall had issued a closure order at the end of 2018 due to breaches of safety rules.

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