more than 100 people denounce a boat license scam in Golfe-Juan

“Bunch of crooks! You’ve been planting all the customers for months and you’re closing up shop! It’s a shame ! “, We read under a publication of a training center for coastal and offshore navigation, located in Golfe-Juan, in the Alpes-Maritimes. Spotted by France 3 French Rivieraa Facebook page was even created against this center, entitled “ collective against System Boat Academy “.

As of Thursday, 88 members were part of this private group. Asked by the local media, Adeline, the administrator since April 21, 2022, explained that she had created this collective, but also a conversation on Messenger where 106 people were present, when she realized that she did not I was not the only one to have been scammed by this company. With her husband, they have been waiting for months to pass their boat license, which they have already paid for.

From postponements to cancellations

On the Groupon site, where the boat license went from 350 to 280 euros, negative opinions abound about System Boat Academy. “The company closed without notifying its customers but still collecting the funds… Thieves! I am 280 euros out of my pocket and have been waiting since August 2020 to pass my license, I had to pass my practice today, I went there, empty room and no one on the horizon. And of course, to absent subscribers when it comes to answering the phone or emails! Complaint in progress with the competent services of the gendarmerie and maritime affairs”, writes Maria.

“Big scam to avoid! I still haven’t passed my license since last August! They are constantly pushing back the appointments, ”wrote Romain. Or even Guest, “They disappeared… After the passage of the code, no answer either on the phone or by email for the practice. “Since the publication of these comments, in February 2022, the site has deleted the offer but it still remains active on “discovery sport”.

The brand has ceased its activity since March 28, 2022

According to information from France 3, Adeline then obtained the extract from the Kbis and discovered that System Boat Academy ceased its commercial activity on March 28, 2022, which was recorded on April 13, 2022 at the Trade and Companies Register of the Commercial Court of Antibes. An investigation was opened by the financial brigade of Antibes.

The company’s lawyer, Me David Tobelem, assured that his client and himself had “not received any summons to date concerning this case. “The manager finally ended up apologizing to Agnès by WhatsApp message, assuring her that he was trying to find” a financial solution to reimburse the candidates “.

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