More and more companies are using AI in everyday life

As of: November 27, 2023 10:54 a.m

Every eighth company in Germany uses artificial intelligence. The companies primarily use the technology for accounting, production or service processes or management.

In Germany, one in eight companies with more than ten employees uses artificial intelligence (AI). This emerges from a survey by the Federal Statistical Office. It turned out that larger companies with more than 250 employees in particular use modern technology more than small companies, with a share of 35 percent. Here only one in ten (ten percent) used the new technology.

The companies primarily use the technology for accounting, controlling or financial administration, for IT security, for production or service processes as well as for the organization of company administration processes or management, as the Federal Statistical Office announced. The most widespread are AI technologies for speech recognition.

Legal situation unclear

According to the information, artificial intelligence is also often used to automate work processes or to help with decision-making. Many companies use AI to analyze written language or to evaluate texts (text mining).

However, many companies say they lack information and knowledge about the use of AI technologies. More than half of non-users (54 percent) fear about compatibility with their existing devices or are unclear about the legal consequences (51 percent). More than one in five of the previously hesitant companies (22 percent) do not believe the use of AI in their own business area makes sense.

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