Mom stabs aggressive pit bull: ‘It’s him or my daughter’

‘It’s him or my daughter’: Mom stabs her own pit bull after it attacked her baby

The girl injured by the pit bull has since had shoulder surgery (symbol image)

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A mother came to her baby’s aid during a domestic dog attack in California. She stabbed one of her pit bulls to save her daughter.

A mother and her daughter were injured when two dogs attacked a baby in California last weekend. In desperation, the woman stabbed one of the animals – who had lived with the family for three and a half years – to save her young child.

The responsible authorities received a call for help by phone at 10:18 p.m., as reported by the “Los Angeles Times”. At least one of the dogs – who have been described as pit bulls – bit the toddler. Several family members then tried to drag the dogs away, the toddler’s grandmother, Margaret Ann M., told local television station ABC-TV Channel 7.

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“I went into the kitchen and there I saw my two daughters and my son lying on the floor trying to shake off the dogs,” she added. The mother of the attacked toddler, Jamie M., told KTLA-TV, She said the dog grabbed her daughter’s leg, bites her own face and cut her hands open trying to free her daughter.

Pit bulls responsible for majority of dog attacks

“I had to stab the dog…I had to,” she summarizes. “It was either him or my daughter, and I chose my daughter.” Both dogs sustained stab wounds during the attack. One of them died at the scene, like her The responsible police authority said. The second animal was taken into custody. The mother and daughter were taken to the hospital after the attack. The girl was being operated on for her arm and shoulder injuries there.

According to the Los Angeles Times, pit bulls were responsible for 67 percent of all fatal attacks involving dogs in the United States between 2005 and 2020, even though they make up only about six percent of the US dog population. They were also 48 percent more likely to attack humans than other races would be.

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