Molière’s 400th birthday: Interview with Jeanne Balibar – Culture

Interviewed by

Alexander Menden

She is always “a bit slow” at the beginning of an interview, says Jeanne Balibar at the meeting on the premises of the Cologne theater in the Mülheim district. But although her – almost perfect – German may sound a little slow, there can be no talk of slowness. The French film and stage star is currently rehearsing for in Cologne “Molière – I am a demon, became flesh and disguised as a human”, a production by her longtime partner Frank Castorf, which will premiere on January 21st. We meet to talk about Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, called Molière, born on January 15, 1622 – 400 years ago. The 53-year-old Balibar, who studied history before becoming an actress and has starred in films such as Ladj Ly’s “Les Misèrables,” explains Molière’s enduring popularity in France, and Louis de Funès’ relationship with the French classic will also be discussed.

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