Mold in the apartment: you should act now (video)

Watch the video: Mold in the apartment: You should act now.

Especially in winter, many people struggle with mold on the walls. The problem: mold is harmful to health and can trigger asthma or allergies when inhaled.
It is important to act quickly:
Important: If the stains are not just painted over with an anti-mold paint, then the fungus will continue to grow under the paint layer.
If it’s a new infestation that’s just superficial, 70% alcohol will do the trick. Allow the alcohol to soak into affected areas, then wipe away the mold with a damp cloth.
If you want, you can find lots of chemical mold removers in drugstores. But be careful: the agents usually contain chlorine and can damage the environment and your own respiratory tract.
If an affected area is mold that has been there for a long time, you need professional help. The spores have probably already settled in the paint, wallpaper or plaster.
Remember: it is not enough to just remove the mold, you have to get to the root of the mold growth problem in order to solve the problem in the long term. Make sure you ventilate and heat sufficiently.

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