Mobile phone holders with power bank for the bike: Four models in comparison

The longer the bike tour, the more worried many bikers are about the smartphone battery. Cell phone holders with an integrated power bank promise a remedy. A comparison of four mobile phone holders with power banks shows how much energy they donate and which models are worthwhile.

Cycling has experienced a boom since the corona pandemic. Because when the city’s restaurants and clubs were closed and there was little to nothing to do, many people decided to rediscover their homeland or to rediscover it for the first time. And that on two wheels and only with the strength of their legs. What else should one do? Luckily Corona is over – the love for cycling has remained.

Of course, in 2023 we won’t be pedaling without a smartphone anymore, because thanks to apps like “Komoot” it’s not only suitable as a tour planner and navigator, but it also captures the most remote places and the most beautiful memories. And very important: It goes without saying that it also shares this with the world. That’s clear, otherwise the whole work doesn’t make any sense if it doesn’t serve the digital self-portrayal.

Mobile phone holder with power bank for the bike

However, the GPS tracking uses a lot of battery power and the smartphone screen usually has to be set to full brightness so that cyclists can see anything on it in sunlight. The mobile phone batteries run out quickly, which is annoying. Especially when cyclists are dependent on their smartphones for navigation. Mobile phone holders with an integrated power bank solve this problem. There are four aspects to consider when it comes to power supplies on the handlebars:

  1. capacity of the power bank: This is the most important specification because it decides how much additional power your smartphone gets.
  2. Durability and weather resistance: An IP protection certification is desirable so that the power bank does not reliably supply energy even in rain and dust.
  3. Size and Compatibility: Regarding your smartphone. Anyone who owns a particularly large or small device should first check whether it can be safely accommodated in the holder. Most cell phone holders are variable in size.
  4. Assembly: It depends on how wide your bike’s handlebars are. And the same applies here: If you measure and check beforehand, you save yourself the hassle of a failed installation attempt and, in the worst case, the return shipment.

Fischer smartphone holder with music box

Enough with the gray theory: let’s take a look at which bike mounts with power banks are available, how they differ and which mount is the right one for you. Let’s start with this one Mobile phone holder from Fischer. Its special feature is the integrated music box. Racing cyclists should refrain from the bracket because of the less streamlined shape.

It is more suitable for leisurely cyclists who want to take a relaxed summer trip to the lake. Nice: The holder even offers a hands-free system. This greatly reduces the risk of accidents when using the phone on the bike. Incidentally, the cell phone is not allowed to be held to the ear while driving, nor is it allowed to take a selfie of yourself on the bike.

Incidentally, you connect your smartphone to the 4400 milliampere hours (mAh) battery using a USB cable. Here you should make sure to use a short cable, it is not included in the scope of delivery. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 30 hours of music playback from the box. Charge your phone, the 4400 mAh are just over a full charge. For comparison: The battery of the iPhone 14 is 3279 mAh.

The holder also holds smartphones with a width between 50 and 90 millimeters (mm). Unfortunately, the mobile phone holder from Fischer does not offer a protection certification. So you don’t want to drive through heavy rain or very dusty terrain with the box. It’s nice that it doesn’t just play music from your cell phone. The mount also has an SD and TF card slot, thanks to which you can listen to music from external memory cards. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide guideline values ​​for the dimensions of the handlebars.


This is provided by the manufacturer SKS at its Mobile phone holder Compit + Power fortunately taken into account. The handlebar rod may have a diameter of 22.2 to 35 mm for mounting the bracket. Otherwise, SKS limits itself to the essentials: holder with clip system, matching bag and power bank. Let’s start with the electronics: According to the manufacturer, the power bank offers a battery with a charging current of 10,000 mAh. That’s a lot and can charge an iPhone 14 multiple times. The power bank is therefore ideal for extended day trips.

The power bank transmits the power wirelessly, provided your smartphone supports wireless charging. If your device cannot be charged wirelessly, you don’t need to despair: thanks to the USB-A and USB-C sockets, the power bank also offers the option of charging a smartphone via cable. Unfortunately, the appropriate cables are not included in the scope of delivery.

It is also nice that you can align your mobile phone horizontally and vertically. This is made possible by a rotating mechanism in the holder. Danger: To clip your smartphone into the holder, you either need the right one phone case or the im Supplied with mobile phone case SKS. The matching case is not included.


If you hate the additional investment of a cell phone case or cell phone case, the Mobile phone holder Solar Cyclotron from Sunslice be something for you. Compared to the SKS bracket, which uses a clip system, Sunslice uses a clamping mechanism. The advantage of this mechanism is that you don’t always have to buy a new case when you change your smartphone.

The manufacturer’s information is curious: the holder supposedly holds smartphones with a minimum length of seven and a maximum of ten centimeters. This can only be an oversight as even the iPhone 13 Mini is 13.15 centimeters (cm) long and the cradle itself is 14.5 cm long. With its information, the manufacturer was probably referring to the minimum and maximum width of the smartphone. That would make more sense.

Be that as it may, according to the manufacturer, the power bank offers a capacity of 5000 mAh. This corresponds to slightly more than the average battery capacity of a smartphone. The smartphone can be charged via cable and induction – i.e. wirelessly. Unfortunately, the mobile phone holder with power bank does not have an IP protection certification. And it also lacks a rotating mechanism for vertical and horizontal use of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify how wide and thick the handlebars of your bike may be for assembly.

Goobay 60656 bike power bank 5.0

You take a slightly different approach with the Goobay 60656 bike power bank 5.0. This holder does not hold a mobile phone, but a power bank. Inductive charging is of course not possible and somehow it looks a bit funny to have two holders for devices on the handlebars. In contrast to the other power banks in comparison, the Goobay 60656 Bike Power Bank 5.0 is significantly cheaper.

The manufacturer specifies its battery capacity as 5000 mAh. This puts it on the same level as the Sunslice model. Nice: In contrast to the other compared power banks, this model has an integrated flashlight. As far as the width of the handlebars is concerned, the manufacturer does not give any information. Except that the mounting screw is 50mm long. Important: You have to get the right cable for your mobile phone yourself. Included, they are not.

Monzana bike frame bag

If you already have a power bank, a bicycle bag could be the cheaper solution for you. This Monzana model is waterproof and offers a clear view of your smartphone. You can route the power bank cable through a small opening to charge your smartphone. A frame bag also offers other advantages: You don’t have to worry about the assembly and, in addition to a smartphone and power bank, there is also space for keys, a wallet or a spare tube. In terms of price, it is the cheapest option in comparison – although this one is of course a bit laggy.

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