Miss Universe: Miss Ukraine fights for titles as a warrior of light

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With wing and sword: Miss Ukraine fights for the title of Miss Universe as a “warrior of light”.

Miss Ukraine as the “Warrior of Light” in the Miss Universe pageant

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At the Miss Universe competition, Miss Ukraine wowed with a spectacular national costume. With a sword in hand and deployable wings, she competed as the “Warrior of Light.”

On January 14th this year in New Orleans, USA, the winner of the “Miss Universe” competition will be chosen. 84 participants fight for this title. However, before it comes to the big show in evening dress, the beauties compete against each other in several disciplines, including a national costume competition. Miss Ukraine caused enthusiasm here on Thursday.

The 28-year-old Wiktoria Apanassenko appeared on stage as a “warrior of light” and put on a spectacular performance. A monolithic overall covered her body like a second skin and resembled armor. She wore a flowing white robe with flared puffed sleeves – a modern interpretation of a vyshyvanka, a traditionally embroidered costume that is particularly widespread in Ukraine and is seen there as a national cultural asset.

Miss Ukraine’s head was adorned with a golden wreath, the rays of which were cast in the form of ears of wheat. In her hands she carried a longsword. The highlight, however, was the wings, which opened up and reached a span of several meters. Blue and gold elements of armor framed the wings symbolically burned in battle.

Symbol of the struggle of Ukraine

The costume was designed and realized by the famous Ukrainian designer Lesia Patoka. “The costume of the ‘Warrior of Light’ symbolizes our nation’s fight against darkness. Like the angel Michael defending Ukraine with the sword, it is supposed to protect us,” said Miss Ukraine’s official Instagram page. The designer is said to have made the costume under candlelight and sirens.

Miss Russia also competes

Miss Russia also competes in the Miss Universe competition. A dress dubbed “The Crown of the Russian Empire” was designed for her: a blood-red robe over a mini dress decorated with rhinestones. The national costume in which Anna Linnikova is sent to the competition reflects the imperialist ideology currently being used by the Kremlin to justify the war in Ukraine. And so both Miss Ukraine and Miss Russia use the costume contest for a political message.

Reigning Miss Universe chooses successor

The public will find out who can wear the title of Miss Universe this year on Saturday evening. Then the 70th Miss Universe, Harnaaz Sandhu, who brought the title back to India for the first time in 21 years, will choose her successor.

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