Miscellaneous – Justice | Bollène: the fleeing man suspected of having beheaded his grandfather was arrested last night, announces the mayor Anthony Zilio

The tension fell again in Bollène where an individual presented as potentially armed and dangerous by the gendarmes had been on the run since noon yesterday. The mayor of the city, Anthony Zilio, announced on his Facebook account the arrest of the suspect last night. About a hundred gendarmes had been mobilized to search for him.

“End of a crazy day, I come home relieved to know that the individual wanted since noon has just been arrested and placed behind bars”, wrote the city councilor in the night.

“I would like to salute the exemplary commitment of the municipal police forces of the town of Bollène, of the national gendarmerie to apprehend this man suspected of an atrocious family crime”, continues the mayor. The gendarmes had been called after nurses discovered the body of a decapitated octogenarian with major lesions in his chest. The man suspected of the murder, and who had fled, is the grandson of the victim, said the public prosecutor.