Mino Raiola: These professionals represented the notorious player agent

This time it’s not a hoax: player agent Mino Raiola is dead. His family confirmed this on Twitter. A few days ago there had already been reports of death, which were quickly denied by Raiola’s doctor and himself.

But even then it was clear that the 54-year-old Italian, who had grown up in the Netherlands, was not doing well. His doctor said Raiola is still “fighting”. That gave an idea of ​​how serious it was about him.

Raiola came from Salerno, south of Naples, and the family moved to the Netherlands as a child. There he was initially a pizza maker, threw up a law degree and then became a player’s agent.

He has represented some of football’s biggest and most eccentric stars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, world champion Paul Pogba and European champions Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Verratti. He was loved by the players and often feared by clubs. He was royally rewarded for his services: In the then record transfer of Pogbas from Juventus Turin to Manchester United for 105 million euros, he is said to have received up to 50 million euros. Total lists “transfermarkt.de” 76 active and former professionals Raiola has worked for.


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