Mini bicycle pumps in comparison: Six models for your jersey pocket

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Mini bicycle pumps: Six models for on the go in comparison

Mini bicycle pumps belong in every jersey or saddle bag. In the event of a flat tire, the small pump machines are the most important helper.

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A life without a flat tire is possible, but completely unrealistic. That’s why a mini bicycle pump is, along with the puncture kit, the most important tool on bike tours. These six models help in an emergency.

Flat tires are annoying. No question. But they only become really annoying and time-consuming if you have not prepared well for them. In order to be able to continue riding after a short stop on the side of the road in the event of an accident, you should always have a mini bicycle pump with “on tour” in addition to the breakdown kit and a small tool. Because even an accurately repaired hose is worthless if it cannot be filled with air. The days when air pumps were clamped between the frame tubes are probably only vaguely remembered by fans of frame gears. A few times the pump slipped out of the frame at the slightest pothole and rolled uncontrollably across the street until I picked it up again. That wasn’t particularly smart.

Bicycle pumps for on the go are now barely longer than a small ruler and fit easily into any jersey or saddle pocket. The best thing: They are so technically sophisticated that with a little perseverance and a manageable amount of effort, 10 bar or more pressure can be blown into the tires.

In this small comparison we present six current models for jersey pockets.

1. Topeak Micro Rocket Carbon

Let’s start with the absolute flyweight of this comparison. The 55 grams of this pump rocket made of carbon fiber is negligible even for weight fetishists. Even in the aluminum version, the Micro Rocket only weighs ten grams more. The Topeak Micro Rocket can be conveniently clipped into a holder and attached to the frame. Dirt and dust must stay outside. An integrated protective cap ensures this. According to Topeak, up to eleven bar can be pressed into hoses with a Presta valve. However, if at all, this is only relevant for racing bike tires. MTB tubes are usually content with around three bar. Which brings us to the small drawback of this carbon pump: the Micro Rocket is not suitable for Schrader or car valves. In short: the very light mini pump from Topeak is a visual highlight and the right tool for every racer.

Short and sweet:

  • Length: 16cm
  • Weight: 55g/65g (without bracket)
  • Valve type: Presta/Sclaverand
  • Material: carbon/aluminium
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 11 bar

2. BBB Traveler Telescopic

The fold-out foot is the highlight of this mini bicycle pump from BBB. At just under 37 centimeters, the cylinder is also the longest in this comparison. But: The mini floor pump shows the current tire pressure using a pressure gauge. Clear plus point. For pumping, an integrated hose with interchangeable attachments is connected to the valve. That’s it Traveler Telescopic Equally suitable and interesting for e-bikers, gravel fans, MTB riders and racing cyclists. However, this model is rather impractical for a jersey pocket due to its length. A bracket for mounting on the frame is included. With a maximum possible eight bar, the pump can easily keep up with the competition. Conclusion: Bikers who don’t mind 250 grams of additional ballast will have a lot of fun with the stand pump in miniature format.

Short and sweet:

  • Length: 36.9cm
  • Weight: 248g
  • Valve type: Presta and Schrader (auto)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 8 bar

3. Lezyne Pocket Drive Pro

With its length of 14 centimeters it fits Lezyne Pocket Drive Pro easily in every jersey pocket. If you don’t have a jersey, you can clip the Pocket Drive Pro to the frame using the bracket provided. The Dutch offer this mini bicycle pump in a slightly slimmed down version. The black model Pocket Drive HV It’s almost identical in appearance, but not nearly as powerful. The Pro version comes with a casual neo-metallic cylinder and is supposed to push up to eleven bar into hoses with Presta and Schrader valves. According to the manufacturer, the HV model recommended for mountain bikers only manages 6.2 bar. To achieve this, Lezyne has installed an approximately ten centimeter long ABS flex hose with an integrated valve tool in both mini pumps. It can be converted in no time at all according to your mood and valve.

Short and sweet:

  • Length: 14cm
  • Weight: 98g
  • Valve type: Presta and Schrader/Auto
  • Material: aluminum
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 11 bar

4. SKS Germany Airflex Racer

With the mini bicycle pump from SKS Germany, the manufacturer also uses a short piece of hose that is hidden in the almost 20 centimeter long cylinder. Unfortunately, the end piece can only be screwed onto the heads of Presta/Sclaverand valves and is therefore not an option for most mountain bikers. The tire pressure must be a maximum of eight bar Airflex Racer not hide. That’s easily enough for everyday life and weekend trips with the racer. The mini pump, made in Germany, is mainly made of aluminum and carbon components. As with some other pumps in comparison, a cap protects the hose end piece and the cylinder from dust and dirt while driving.

Short and sweet:

  • Length: 19.6cm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Valve type: Presta/Sclaverand
  • Material: aluminum
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 8 bar

5. HiLo sports Tour Air mini pump

It also weighs less than a bar of chocolate Tour Air mini pump from HiLo Sports. With a maximum of 6 bar, it is not quite as powerful as its competitors in this small comparison. When it comes to flexibility, the almost 20 centimeter long mini pump doesn’t have to hide. In addition to Dunlop valves, it also takes on common Sclaverand and car valves and is therefore a reliable companion for e-bikes, MTBs, racing bikes and bicycle trailers. According to the manufacturer, around 120 strokes are enough to make a flat racing bike tire ready to ride again. Practical: Included in delivery is a bracket with screws for the frame (bottle holder) and a small transport bag.

Short and sweet:

  • Length: 19cm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Valve type: Presta and Schrader (auto)
  • Material: aluminum
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 6 bar

6. Xiaomi Mobile Air Compressor

Even if the Xiaomi air compressor is not a classic mini bicycle pump, it should complete this comparison. At more than 500 grams, the compact device is noticeably unusual, but can be easily stored in a backpack or bicycle bag for tours lasting several days. Up to 10.2 bar can be preset and blown into almost any hose at the push of a button. A digital display shows how much or little air there is in the tire. The integrated battery can be charged via micro USB. You should allow around three hours for a battery charge. The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor comes with adapters for Presta and Schrader valves as well as a charging cable and a small storage bag. Alternatively, the electric pump also helps when the children’s balls are deflated. There is also a matching needle.

Short & sweet

  • Length: 12.4cm
  • Weight: 500g
  • Valve type: Presta and Schrader (auto)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Max. possible tire pressure: 10.3 bar

Practical tip: The flexible hoses integrated into some mini pumps, which can be screwed onto the valve, make inflation much easier in the event of a breakdown. However, they have a small disadvantage: when unscrewing you have to be extremely careful not to unscrew the upper part of the valve. Because then not only is the air out again within seconds, but at the same time the air pump is “clogged” and blocked. A so-called helper in an emergency is a helper Valve keywith which the intruder can be twisted out of the mini pump again.

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