Mimestream: Ex-Apple engineer’s Gmail client is ready

If you don’t want to edit your e-mails from the Google service Gmail in the browser, Apple Mail or Outlook, you now have another alternative under macOS: the alternative Gmail client Version 1.0 of Mimestream has been available for download for a few days. The app comes from former Apple engineer Neil Jhaveri and is intended to give e-mail a modern interface.

The Mimestream founder has a lot of experience with the topic: since 2011 he has worked on Apple Mail for the iPad, the Mac and the iPhone, among other things, most recently as Engineering Manager for the mail frameworks. He has been working on his new Gmail client since 2019. It was available as a free beta for a long period of time, and with the release of version 1.0 it is now a commercial product. The app is sold on an annual subscription basis – individual users currently pay $30 for the first year and $50 for the second year. Similar prices are payable for business customers. If you don’t want to pay in advance, you can alternatively do so for 5 dollars a month.

Jhaveri promises constant further development. Mimestream runs on macOS 12 or later and includes a whole range of interesting features. Profiles are supported with which it is possible to separate private from business (or individual projects). Thanks to the use of the Gmail API, Google functions such as aliases and signatures, server-side filters, templates, labels, send undo and the categorized inbox are also present on the desktop. It is currently unclear whether the app will also support regular IMAP mailboxes in the future.

The Gmail client has an up-to-date look, was developed in Swift and uses Apple’s SwiftUI and AppKit. There’s an automatic night mode, keyboard shortcuts, and swipe gestures. You can also link email profiles to focus filters. New mails can also be checked in the menu bar and system-wide notifications are supported. According to Jhaveri, a total of 100 new functions were integrated during the beta phase – during which time he published 220 updates.

Mimestream is not unrivalled. There are a number of alternative Gmail clients under macOS. For example, it is very popular mailplane, which also supports multiple accounts and makes various system functions accessible from a Gmail browser view. However, two years ago the developers decided no new licenses for sale, as Google threatens to pull the plug on browser-based clients. However, download and use are still possible, even if only with reservations.

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