Military training: US trains Ukrainian soldiers in Germany

Status: 30.04.2022 00:31

The United States is training Ukrainian troops in Germany on artillery pieces. This was announced by Pentagon spokesman Kirby. He found clear words for Putin’s war in Ukraine.

Since Russia attacked Ukraine two months ago, the United States has been the main supporter of the government in Kyiv. Washington not only provided billions in aid, but also delivered weapons and ammunition on a large scale.

The US government is now going a step further. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the US military is training Ukrainian troops on key weapon systems. The training is already taking place at US Army bases in Germany. This is done in consultation with the federal government, which supports the coordination and organization.

Training at multiple locations

Two groups of around 50 Ukrainian armed forces are currently being trained on US artillery guns. They should then – back in Ukraine – train their own troops. It is also being considered whether training could be carried out via video switching, Kirby explained further.

According to the US Department of Defense, the training will be conducted by 160 members of the Florida National Guard who were stationed in Ukraine for training purposes before the outbreak of war. In February, however, they were distributed to various EU countries for security reasons. Overall, the Ukrainian military is trained at several locations outside of Ukraine, including Germany, Kirby said. However, he could not provide any information about the other locations.

Kirby accuses Putin of brutalizing him

In his briefing, the Pentagon spokesman was unusually emotional in criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin for his conduct of the war in Ukraine. “It’s brutality of the coldest and most depraved kind,” Kirby said. “I don’t think we properly assessed the extent to which he would display that kind of violence and cruelty.”

It is difficult to watch what the Kremlin boss is doing in Ukraine. Kirby called Putin’s war justification that he wanted to denazify Ukraine and protect Russian citizens in the country “nonsense”. The 59-year-old apologized shortly afterwards for his emotional outburst.

With information from Florian Mayer, ARD-Studio Washington

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