Military couple sentenced for humiliating hazing

They are married, both work in the national navy and were tried together on Monday by the Brest criminal court. A man and a woman were given a fifteen-month suspended prison sentence for “violence in meetings” during a hazing in Cherbourg (Manche). The facts took place on January 31, 2020 in a house where an integration evening was taking place for the brestoise school of maitrancewhich provides military and maritime training, reports The Telegram.

Seven trainees, rather alcoholic, were present that evening. The couple prosecuted are judged guilty of having forced the youngest of the gang to undress and of having stroked his posterior with butter while forcibly holding him down. An act that had traumatized the victim. Fallen into depression, she has today abandoned his dream to enlist in the Navy.

The qualification of sexual violence was not retained by the court. The latter, however, condemned the couple to a ban on exercising an activity in connection with the offense, which now prevents them from exercising as soldiers, specifies The Telegram.

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