Mike Tyson violently punches a very restless passenger on a plane

The video has been widely circulated on social media. We see the former world boxing champion Mike Tyson attacking a passenger behind him on a plane who seemed to bother him. The assaulted man then finds himself with bruises on his face. According to TMZ, an American site specializing in people news, the incident occurred before a flight on Wednesday between San Francisco and Florida.

The 55-year-old former boxer allegedly started hitting the passenger a few minutes after boarding, according to a witness quoted by TMZ. This same witness clarified that the passenger behind Tyson was constantly trying to talk to him frantically.

Blood on the temple

Tyson then allegedly asked him to calm down, to no avail, before he himself lost his temper and turned around to punch him. A photo of the incident shows the passenger with bloodstains on his temple.

The former champion disembarked from the plane in stride, according to TMZ, which claims that the passenger filed a complaint. The San Francisco police, the airline JetBlue and the agency representing Mike Tyson, already struggling with justice in the past, did not react immediately.

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