Mike Tindall: Post from the Royals to the jungle camp

Mike Tindall
Post from the royals to the jungle camp

Mike and Zara Tindall have been married since 2011 and have three children.

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Mike Tindall received mail from his family in the jungle camp. “We miss you so much,” writes Princess Anne’s daughter.

Former English rugby player Mike Tindall (44) is currently proving himself in the British jungle camp in Australia. Now he’s got mail from home and that means nothing less than from the Royal Family. Because the ex-sports professional has been married to Zara Tindall (41) since 2011, the daughter of Queen’s daughter Princess Anne (73).

Tindall had tears in his eyes as excerpts from the broadcast on “Mail Online” show, when he heard Zara’s message from home. A fellow camper had read the letter. “Hi darling. We miss you so much and are in desperate need of some hugs from dad but we’re glad you’re sharing them with your roommates,” she wrote. And then she talked about the three children they had together, Mia (8), Lena (4) and Lucas (1): “The girls enjoy sports and are throwing themselves into everything at the moment, and the little man loves life, does it broke everything and learn some new words.” The letter was signed “Z, M, L and L. x”.

Mike Tindall: “It was great to hear from Zara and the kids”

A very touched and teary-eyed Mike then explained in a separate interview: “It was great to hear from Zara and the kids.” And he added, referring to a possible departure from the show: “Of course I want to see her more now, but you never know when that will be.”

The former Team England rugby star has been away from home for two weeks to film ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ At the end of the three-week competition, only three contestants remain to fight for the crown and be crowned either Queen of the Jungle or King of the Jungle.


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