Mike Singer out on “Let’s Dance” – Mathias Mester becomes Discofox king

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Mike Singer out on “Let’s Dance” – Mathias Mester becomes Discofox king

Singer Mike Singer and dance partner Christina Luft were voted out of the show. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa

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The “Let’s Dance” participants show their endurance at the Discofox marathon. Mike Singer misses important extra points and has to leave the show. This year’s Discofox king is Mathias Mester.

Pop musician Mike Singer left the RTL show “Let’s Dance”. The 22-year-old received too few votes from the jury and the audience in Cologne. With dance partner Christina Luft, 32, he performed a tango to “Tell It To My Heart” by Meduza and Hozier. “Christina really didn’t always have it easy with me, because I’m definitely not the easiest student,” said the musician. But he was grateful for the “indescribable time” of the past few weeks.

Through the hard training, he lost eight kilos, Singer said. Even during the Easter break last week, he couldn’t switch off. “I just had to think about the tango, it was so complicated.” Singer and Luft ultimately received mixed reviews and 22 jury points for their performance. “You understood the dance,” praised juror Motsi Mabuse, but criticized Singer’s sometimes unstable posture.

Mathias Mester gets extra points on “Let’s Dance”

In the subsequent Discofox marathon, the couple then missed the chance of many additional points. Singer and Luft were the first to be voted out of the race by the jury and thus only received one out of a possible ten extra points. In combination with the audience votes, that wasn’t enough to make it into the next show.

Track and field athlete Mathias Mester was named this year’s Discofox King. The 35-year-old danced with his partner Renata Lusin, 34, ten additional points. This put the couple in second place in the jury’s ranking, after previously having to be satisfied with 20 points for their Slowfox. Presenter Janin Ullmann, 40, and Zsolt Sándor Cseke, 34, on the other hand, were once again happy after their quick step: they were the only couple in this show to do a 30-point dance. “You shone,” enthused juror Jorge González. Above all, Joachim Llambi praised the light-footedness of the moderator.

The jury trowels again showed many points for circus artist René Casselly, 25, and Kathrin Menzinger, 33. They achieved 26 points with their salsa. The jurors praised the stage presence of presenter Amira Pocher, 29, and actress Sarah Mangione, 31, but criticized inaccuracies in the dance. In the end, both made it to the next show without shaking.

The decision was still tight for comedian Bastian Bielendorfer, 37, who, together with Singer, was one of the shaky candidates. His paso double with Ekaterina Leonova, 34, received just 16 points. The couple could not convince the jury at Discofox either. Thanks to the audience votes, it was still enough for the next round – six couples are still in the running in the upcoming show. In show nine, the task is to dance a personal “magic moment”.


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