Michelin: Star restaurants in the Upper Palatinate – Bavaria

Above all, there are stones and cold winds in the Upper Palatinate. These are the clichés about his homeland, said the Upper Palatinate chronicler Simon Suess, who bravely traveled and photographed every corner of the admittedly often very stony and lonely government district in airy sneakers. And there are potatoes. A lot of potatoes. Again, this is not a cliché. The potato is identity-forming here, so much so that one used to speak of the “Erdäpfelpfalz”.

A look at every Upper Palatinate cookbook shows that there is a whole world of potato dishes: Bröselschmarrn, Schoppala, Schlosserboum, Erpfldotsch, Erdäpfelsterz and so on and so forth. Thank God Lent is over. If you drive here on the country roads, every few kilometers you will see a sign on the side of the road on which a single word (important: in the singular!) refers to the sale directly from the farmer: “Potato”.

It is all the more astonishing (or completely obvious) that top gastronomy is also flourishing in the potato stronghold. The Michelin stars have just been awarded again and in the Upper Palatinate there are a whopping eight star scales. Only three of them reside in Regensburg, the rest are well hidden and spread out in the middle of nowhere like precious Easter eggs.

People like to taunt people about the infrastructure in the Bavarian countryside. In particular, the supply close to home has been causing headaches for years. Places such as Neunburg vorm Wald are bracing themselves against the decline. For a visit to the doctor, the bank branch or an ordinary elementary school, you have to plan day-long trips. In many places, they only talk about bakers, butchers, local supermarkets or even shoe stores in the past

Moment. Neunburg vorm Wald… It rings somehow. According to reports, the best restaurant in all of Eastern Bavaria, namely the two-star restaurant “Obendorfers Eisvogel”, can be found in Hofenstetten in the Upper Palatinate, a parish with almost 130 inhabitants, a part of Neunburg vorm Wald.

So if the potato cellar should be empty: The nearest gourmet restaurant is not far in the Upper Palatinate. If you have a car. And a lot of money.

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