Michel Sarran is not recovering from his departure from “Top Chef”

“I will no longer be part of the jury next season, M6 having decided to change the jury. There you have it, the adventure stops for me, ”Michel Sarran confided last week in a video posted on Facebook. However, the Toulouse chef still does not seem to have recovered.

Top chef, it’s seven years of my life, he confides to the
Parisian. Even though we know that every story has an end, it hurts a little bit when it happens. Especially since I am the only one on the jury that we change. When I found out, it made my heart ache. It was a bit violent. I was not expecting it at all. Why me ? What motivated their decision? What did I do wrong? I did not have any answer. Top chef was part of my life. It will create an abyssal void. “

“I learned that by phone call”

Michel Sarran would thus have seen himself to continue. “Maybe not ten years,” he adds. I’m 60. I didn’t want to end up in a cane or a wheelchair. But the last season was the best. The audiences were good and the atmosphere so strong. “Suddenly, he does not understand being the only one in the gang to have to leave” the playground “:” I learned that by a phone call. As a business owner, I wouldn’t have done like that. “

What then to think when M6 explains that he has other projects for him? “They told me that they would like me to stay, that I was part of the pillars, answers the chief, still at the Parisian. Except that this pillar no longer supports anything. It’s pretty confusing, actually. I was offered projects for shows around the kitchen to which I said no. It didn’t appeal to me. I don’t want to watch TV to watch TV. It’s not in my DNA. Afterwards, I have desires on my side, things to offer them. TV has an addictive side. “

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