Michael Wendler: Will he be returning to Germany soon?

Michael Wendler
Will he be returning to Germany soon?

Michael Wendler has a green card and is an American by choice.

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Is Michael Wendler trying to make a musical comeback in Germany? At least that’s what the musician says.

The adopted home of Michael Wendler (49) has been the USA for some time. In Germany, however, the singer has not been seen for about a year. Will that change in the near future? Yes, the Wendler now assured the “Image”-Zeitung, but with an inset: “I’m coming back to Germany! Not with my place of residence, it remains the USA.”

Rather, Wendler is planning to restart his career in this country. It has been considered dead since various conspiracy theories that he recently spread about the corona pandemic and the associated expulsion from the “DSDS” jury. But he still believes in the comeback and reveals: “I’m very sure that in the coming year 2022 there is every reason to hope to be able to work fully musically again. ” Then it will “maybe […] give concerts again “.

Wendler lives with his wife Laura Müller (21) in Cape Coral in the US state of Florida. After the “DSDS” quarrel with broadcaster RTL, his long-time manager Markus Krampe also ended his collaboration with him.


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