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“An exciting feat”: SZ criticism of the “Birds” premiere at the Metropoltheater in early October. The picture shows Anna Graenzer as Eden and Magdalena Laubisch as the young, Arab-born American Wahida (right).

(Photo: Jean-Marc Turmes/Metropoltheater)

After allegations of anti-Semitism, the Metropoltheater canceled the internationally well-known play “Birds”. The decision meets with a lot of approval, but raises a fundamental question: Who judges what art is allowed to do?


Martin Bernstein, Heiner Effern, René Hofmann and Yvonne Poppek

Appropriate reaction to the allegations of anti-Semitism or a questionable encroachment on artistic freedom? The Metropoltheater’s decision to remove the play “Birds” from the program and also to cancel a special performance with representatives of the Israelite religious community and the Munich City Council triggered a cultural-political debate.

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