Meteorological beginning of spring: March starts with lots of sun

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Meteorological beginning of spring: March starts with lots of sun

At the meteorological beginning of spring, the weather forecasts look mild and sunny

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March 1st is the meteorological beginning of spring. Sunshine and mild temperatures are reported for the coming days.

In the first few days of March, calm and often sunny weather is expected in Germany. “While there is mostly light or even moderate frost at night, the temperatures rise to slightly spring-like values ​​during the day with the help of the already quite intense solar radiation,” explained meteorologist Sabine Krüger from the German Weather Service in Offenbach on Tuesday.

At least on Thursday, the ten-degree mark in the lowlands of the southwestern half could be reached or broken more often. “In terms of clothing, the onion look is a good choice – many layers in the morning, a few less in the afternoon sunshine,” said Krüger.

Early spring brings dry weather and sunshine

Dry weather with lots of sunshine is expected for the meteorological beginning of spring this Wednesday. Only in the south can there be fog or high fog in some areas at the beginning, and in the extreme north and north-east dense cloud fields can sometimes appear. The maximum temperatures are between two and nine degrees. In the north it is slightly windy, otherwise in many places a moderate wind blows from the north-east to the east.

According to the DWD, on Thursday it will initially be partly cloudy in the north and from the Black Forest to the Alps, and it will only clear up in the afternoon. Otherwise the sun is shining again in many places. The temperatures climb up to ten degrees.

On Friday in the northern half it will often be cloudy or foggy, with some drizzle falling in some areas. During the course of the day, the cloud cover then increasingly loosens, and there are longer sunny periods in some areas. In the south, the sky between the Black Forest, Chiemgau and the Alps is mostly cloudy, with occasional light snowfall. In addition, there will be a weak, moderate wind from north to north-west in the north, and there may be stiff gusts on the North Sea in the evening.

The meteorological spring starts this Wednesday (March 1st). For statistical reasons, too, the researchers calculate their data in whole months. The astronomical or calendar beginning of spring is on March 20th this year. At this point, the sun is vertically above the equator and is now moving north.


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