Metaverse: Is this really the future of work? – Business

In the Metaverse, “property prices” are going through the roof, and the fashion week in the three-dimensional Internet was a complete success. About a world that will one day replace analogue offices – and about the long way to get there.


Philip Boverman

From the roof of the Token Tower you have a wonderful view of nothing. This is not meant as a metaphor. Across the street at the base of the tower, above which floating logos rotate as advertisements, the world ends and a checkered grid begins. There is actually a collection of virtual showrooms there, for example the imposing flagship store of the Binance crypto exchange, which alternates between Art Nouveau and Star Trek optics, but this world, in which the future of work is supposed to lie, eats up a lot of computing power. That’s why, when you dial in with a computer that’s not too powerful, these futuristic giant buildings only appear when you’re standing directly in front of them. Which is a great metaphor for the future.

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