MetaMask co-founder says Apple’s 30% tax on in-app pruchase “is a misuse of monopoly”

Dan Finlay, MetaMask co-founder and former Apple employee, said he supports the crypto industry abandoning Apple’s App Store altogether, calling Apple’s 30% in-app pruchase tax “inappropriate.” “It’s a monopoly in the wrong way.”

“I will stand in solidarity here,” Finlay said. specifyIn response to news that Coinbase’s iOS wallet app was previously blocked by Apple until the NFT transfer feature was removed.

Coinbase’s wallet announced Thursday that users will no longer be able to buy, sell, or transfer NFTs through its iOS app, arguing that while it wants to comply with “Apple’s taxes,” it cannot do so because Apple does not. Integrated with blockchains like Ethereum

“I think [MetaMask] And other wallets will be next,” Finlay tweeted. “And I am ready to leave the Apple ecosystem as the 30% tax is a violation of antitrust.”

“As of now, Metamask is still in the app store, but we will be monitoring the situation closely. to ensure that our users continue to have access to their crypto assets.”

“We are disappointed to see news that app stores are hampering growth. It is also an outlet for censorship,” he said. We should come together to find a solution together. so that end users can continue to have the freedom to transact. and technology can continue to grow.”

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