Messi absent from the ceremony… to attend a Coldplay concert in Barcelona

PSG striker Lionel Messi was the big absentee from the UNFP Trophies ceremony this Sunday evening, despite his presence in the typical team of the year and his nomination in the category of best player. And for good reason, he was in Barcelona to attend a concert.

“We salute the Marseille players who could not be present this evening, just like Lionel Messi.” The words of Thibault Le Rol, presenter of the UNFP Trophies when welcoming the typical team of the season, no longer have any mystery. As several observers in Spain have noticed, the seven-time Ballon d’Or, absent from the ceremony at the last minute, was in Barcelona this Sunday evening.

Approved by the Catalan public

The Argentinian striker was present at the city’s Olympic stadium to attend the Coldplay concert, alongside his partner and former teammate Cesc Fabregas. Quickly unmasked, he was even given a standing ovation by the public who chanted his name, recalling his great years when he set Camp Nou on fire. At the end of the contract at the end of the season, he is tracked by Barça and claimed by his former supporters, who dream more than anything of a return.

This Saturday evening in Strasbourg, Lionel Messi scored the goal allowing PSG to win their 11th title of champion of France, their second personal. Member of the standard team of the season alongside three teammates (Hakimi, Mendes, Mbappé), he was however not voted best player in the championship, preceded by his young French teammate.

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