Merz on the arms supply dispute: “Scholz has a problem with his party”

As of: 04/25/2022 8:53 p.m

In the dispute over the Ukraine course, the harshest criticism of the Chancellor does not come from the Union, but from the traffic light itself, said Union faction leader Merz in the daily topics. Scholz is also trying to distract from arguments in the SPD.

Union faction leader Friedrich Merz has in the daily topics emphasizes that the Union does not want to trigger a dispute with the government with its request for arms deliveries to Ukraine. “But the government has been arguing itself for weeks. The harshest criticism of the chancellor does not come from us, but from the ranks of the coalition,” said Merz. “Up to a committee chairman who accuses him of ‘shell games’.”

Friedrich Merz, CDU, on the dispute over arms deliveries

daily topics 10:15 p.m., April 25, 2022

It is the task of the opposition to make the dispute an issue in the government, according to Merz. “Otherwise we would be accused of not fulfilling our role.”

Joint motion for a resolution

Merz emphasized that the coalition parties had already received the text of the application informally. We are now waiting for the government’s own proposals. The goal is a joint motion for a resolution, ideally a joint text was agreed on Thursday.

Germany must not only meet its obligations to Ukraine, but also clearly tell its allies what Germany can and wants politically.

Merz said that Scholz had a “problem with his own party” and was trying to conceal internal party disputes with the announced ring exchange campaigns with heavy weapons. “The SPD doesn’t know what they want, and the chancellor is maneuvering around. Clarity must now be created and who should do it if not an opposition,” said Merz.

Consultations at the US base in Ramstein

Meanwhile, the United States announced Tuesday, at its invitation, to hold consultations with representatives from numerous countries at the Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate. Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg are also taking part, as are non-NATO countries.

One goal of the consultations is the lasting security and sovereignty of Ukraine, it said. According to US information, it should be about Ukraine’s defense needs – beyond the current war.

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