MEPs will no longer be able to use Twitch in the hemicycle

What happens in the hemicycle stays in the hemicycle? Deputies are prohibited from using “any tool of communication with the outside” from the hemicycle, an Assembly body ruled on Wednesday after complaints from elected representatives of the majority against the “live” broadcast on the Twitch platform by one of their LFI colleagues.

The provisions of the Palais-Bourbon regulations, “which prohibit deputies from telephoning inside the hemicycle, also apply to the use of any communication tool with the outside from the hemicycle”, specified the office of the Assembly. A ban which concerns in particular “platforms retransmitting the video or audio stream of the debates”, added the highest collegiate authority of the institution, which notably brings together its presidency and representatives of all the political groups.

“The future will tell us if the game is over or not”

The subject was raised after deputies from the presidential camp criticized their rebellious colleague Ugo Bernalicis for relaying live on the Twitch platform the video stream of the public sessions, commenting on it in writing or sometimes filming himself with a webcam, during exchanges with the thousands of subscribers to his “DepuTwitch” account.

The member of the North had been called to order but he disputed breaking the regulation which only mentions the prohibition to telephone. Ugo Bernalicis defended a “civic education exercise” which “allows people to take an interest in what is happening in the National Assembly, to have live explanations and to feel part of the debates”. “The future will tell us if the game is over or not,” he reacted on Twitter, in response to a journalist reporting on the decision of the Bureau of the Assembly.

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