Member of the opposition, Jean-Claude Skrela believes that the resignation of his camp was a big mistake

The decision was logical, but it was met with irrational resistance from supporters of Bernard Laporte, who let their boss and the opposition quit without doing the same, despite the outcome of the club vote last week. As a result, there are now 26 members of the FFR’s steering committee, all belonging to the same camp. And it’s a big problem, regrets the former coach of the Blues Jean-Claude Skrela.

Himself a member of the opposition group Ovale Ensemble, Skrela was against this resignation, so as not to leave full powers in the hands of a single list. “It is our resignation that allows the list in power to govern alone and without opposition, in a dangerous inter-self,” he wrote in a statement, referring to the upcoming appointment of Alexandre Martinez as Bernard’s successor. The door.

The name of Martinez, on which the federal office agreed on Wednesday, must still be validated on Friday during a new steering committee. A formality, of course, given the situation. The one who was until then general treasurer of the FFR will exercise the functions of interim president until the general assembly of the Federation, scheduled for June in Lille.

“I still don’t understand why we quit. My position was that we should stay on the FFR steering committee: out of respect for the clubs who voted for us, believes Skrela. Our resignation prevents those who voted for us from being represented on the steering committee. We cannot abandon the clubs that have placed their trust in us. »

” To go out ? But to go where? »

Last week, the appointment of Patrick Buisson to replace Bernard Laporte until the court decides on the latter’s case was rejected by 51% by amateur clubs. The opposition believed that reason would prevail and that the entire steering committee would resign to call a new general election. Except it didn’t happen that way.

“Despite the result of the consultation, the majority governance in place at the FFR has used, as is its right, the statutory rules which allow it to retain power, at least until the next GA. It was a duty to stay inside to carry our values ​​and defend all the clubs that trusted us,” adds Skrela. To make matters worse, the elected representatives of the opposition will therefore not be able to stand for the presidency of the FFR during this next general assembly in June.

“Why withdraw now? I don’t know the reason. This is not a decision that was taken collectively within the group of elected officials of Ovale Ensemble. And, as the bloodied Jean-Pierre Rives had replied to the referee, during the Grand Slam 77: “Get out? But to go where?” “Questions the former third line.

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