Meloni: “I’m from Garbatella, sometimes this soul comes through” – Politics

The success of Giorgia Meloni, presumably soon to be Italy’s prime minister, also has to do with her aggressiveness. And that in turn probably has something to do with her origins: a notorious district of Rome.


Andrea Bachstein, Munich

Giorgia Meloni, the first woman ever to be seriously treated as head of government in Italy, has never been able to hide the fact that there is some aggressiveness in her. Without aggressiveness, she probably would not have gotten very far in the 30 years of her political career in Italy’s political world, which for a long time was quite masculine and populated with quite a lot of unconcealed machos. And you don’t have to be a psychologist to suspect that Giorgia Meloni’s subliminal anger may also have something to do with her biography – and with the Roman quarter in which she grew up. When her temperament and words went through her performances, Meloni has apologized: she tries to be in control, “but sometimes – people, I come from Garbatella, sometimes this soul comes through”.

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