Mélenchon, Pécresse, Zemmour in monarch’s attire, the humorous campaign of the Bar Association

If you have wandered the streets of Paris in recent days, you may have noticed them: posters showing the presidential candidates, disguised as Louis XIV or Anne of Austria. At first, we rub our eyes, wondering what Marine Le Pen is doing in this outfit, before understanding, reading the slogan: “Justice is not a privilege”.

The Paris Bar Association wanted to strike hard, by putting up 1,100 posters produced by the Oko agency in the capital, to “put justice back into the public debate”, explains to 20 minutes Julie Couturier, elected president of the Paris Bar. Her idea: to denounce both the illegible nature of justice – in 20 years, we have gone from 52,000 laws to more than 86,000, she explains – and the fact that it is difficult to access, in particular according to the President of the Bar because the legal aid systems are not known.

According to a study by the institution, 25% of respondents have given up on justice for financial reasons and 50% are unaware of legal aid systems. And the chairman of the bar to conclude: “We must ensure that the adage “no one is supposed to ignore the law” is not a purely theoretical adage. »

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