Mélenchon once again calls for the “withdrawal” of the text and the departure of Borne

Jean-Luc Mélenchon does not release the pressure on the executive. The leader of rebellious France called on Sunday for the “withdrawal” or a “overhaul” of the pension reform and the departure of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne to get out of the political crisis caused by the “pure coup de force” of Emmanuel Macron.

“Do we need appeasement? Obviously and there is a very simple way to obtain it, it is to withdraw the text, “said the former presidential candidate on LCI. “François Mitterrand withdrew his school law (…), Jacques Chirac withdrew a law. Mr. Macron has tripped over the carpet, he withdraws his text and everyone goes home, happy and satisfied, and he can resume his mandate on other bases, ”he explained.

According to Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron wants to “humiliate”

Emmanuel Macron “what he wants is to humiliate, he wants to have the last word”, he reproached the President of the Republic. CFDT General Secretary Laurent “Berger offers him a somewhat elegant form so that he doesn’t lose face: take a break. Why not, if he wants to take a break and put his text away, but I am campaigning for the withdrawal, like Mr. Berger by the way, and I made another proposal (…) I plead for a review: transfer all that to social security funds”.

“There are administrators of the funds, that they manage between contributors and bosses since each other contributes, I guarantee you that they will solve the problem”, further specified Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“The president is legitimate, he was elected under fairly special conditions by default, but he is elected, we respect the rule. The subject is, should Madame Borne go away. Obviously yes. I would be a hypocrite if I told you otherwise, my friends voted censorship,” he continued. “How do you do in the morning? Are you changing your shirt? You have to change your shirt (…). It takes away the law and takes away the person who brought it,” he insisted.

At the start of a tenth day of demonstrations on Tuesday against the pension reform, the government and the unions warn of a risk of “chaos” and it is against the backdrop of a deleterious and violent climate that Emmanuel Macron will receive this Monday the Prime Minister and the heavyweights of the majority.

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