Mélanie Boulanger, the PS mayor of Canteleu, near Rouen, indicted for complicity in drug trafficking

She had been released at the end of her police custody in October 2021. At the time, she had been heard for around thirty hours as part of a vast anti-narcotics raid.
During a press conference the day after “the worst moment” of her life, Mélanie Boulanger said she had “no connection” with the drug traffickers in her town. “I know that I am beyond reproach,” she had said.
The PS mayor of Canteleu and vice-president of the metropolis of Rouen (Seine-Maritime), Mélanie Boulanger, has finally just been indicted. One of his assistants also, specified the parquet floor of Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis), confirming information from Paris Normandy. “The mayor and his deputy have been indicted on counts of complicity, transport, acquisition, possession, offer or unauthorized transfer of narcotics. They have been placed under judicial supervision, ”commented the deputy prosecutor of Bobigny, Anne-Laure Mestrallet.

“If you want to have full rights to act, you have to be indicted”

Mélanie Boulanger, who was also head of the PS list for the 2021 regional in Normandy, justified this indictment via her counsel, “because it will highlight her innocence”.
“If we want to have full rights to act, identify the origin of this police custody, request acts of instruction, hearings, delivery of documents, we must be indicted”, explained Me Arnaud de Saint Remy. The socialist mayor would thus choose, according to his lawyer, the “Dominique Baudis method” who, implicated in a case of assassination and rape in 2003, had himself asked to be indicted in order to be able to defend himself.
During searches last fall, investigators discovered 15 kg of heroin, 25 kg of cutting product and firearms in the suspects. One million euros in assets, including sums placed in bank accounts, 375,000 euros in cash as well as vehicles, had also been seized during the searches, details Paris Normandy. In total, more than twenty people had been arrested, in Seine-Maritime and Seine-Saint-Denis. Among these suspects, a family from the town of Canteleu described by the police as “big names in drugs”.

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