Megaspider: Giant specimen of the world’s most dangerous spider found

See in the video: “Mega Spider” – giant specimen of the most dangerous spider in the world found.

The venom from this spider can be fatal in a matter of hours.

This specimen is a female funnel-web spider.

Although it is well known that the dose makes all the difference, many experts call it the most poisonous spider in the world.

In case you feel unwell: calm blood – it only occurs in Australia.

This palm-sized female was donated to the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, Australia. Her size gave her a special name, as park attendant Jake Meney reports:

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This week the largest funnel-web spider we have ever received was donated here in the Australian Reptile Park. We call them “Mega Spider”.

“Mega Spider” – the name of this XXL spider says it all. Because at eight centimeters, its largest is almost twice as large as that of its conspecifics. (Shot in comparison)

Their size is impressive, but the length of their fangs is the real danger, explains spider expert Meney:

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Even a conventional funnel-web spider has extremely long fangs. But the fangs of this giant spider are two centimeters larger than those of a taipan. She can use it to pierce a human fingernail.

The fact that “Mega Spider” is so above average could be related to the current weather situation in southeast Australia. With the beginning of summer there is a warm and humid climate – the perfect environment for the animals to reproduce.

Before an antidote was developed in 1981, there were 13 documented deaths from funnel-web spider bites – but the number of unreported cases could be far greater.

Since then, up to 300 cases of poisoning have to be treated with an antidote every year. For this reason, the “Australian Reptile Park” collects male funnel-web spiders to milk their venom.

The park is dependent on the sending of suitable specimens because it is the only supplier of the poison for antidote production in Australia.

Because of this, the deadly giant spider found its way into the hands of the park guards.

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