Megan Fox stopped drinking after saying anything in an interview… IAM cancels concerts…

July 22, 2021

Halsey quits interviews after being bullied

Halsey decided to stop interviewing after being bullied by Allure Magazine, who used the wrong pronouns for the artist, who wishes to be gender neutral, thus requiring the use of the pronoun “iel” (“they / them”) in English.

“Hey, @Allure_magazine. Already your reporter makes my pronouns a main point in your article, and you have deliberately disrespected them by not using them in the article. Then your admin demeaned a quote in which I was discussing the privilege of being a white child of a black parent, then intentionally used a portion that was the antithesis of what I wanted to explain. All this ironically when I confessed to your journalist that I hated doing the press, because I am exploited and people misquote me. Do the fuck better? “, He wrote on Twitter before deleting his messages.

Remonstrances that have not gone unheeded, the magazine having apologized to the artist, explaining having “heard your feedback, and you are right: we m * rdé.” We are adjusting our article with Halsey to use both ” she ” and ” iel ” »

IAM cancels concerts due to Covid-19 days after opposing vaccine

Megan Fox quit drinking after saying anything in interview

Megan Fox decided to quit drinking after an interview at the 2009 Golden Globes, during which she made remarks … rather inconsistent. “I was sitting with Blake Lively and the Jonas Brothers. And they always put big bottles of Moët at the Golden Globes. I drank several glasses of it. Now I don’t drink anymore, and that’s because of that, I said a lot of things I shouldn’t have said, I was belligerent. It brought me problems ”, she revealed to
Who What Wear.

The actress had notably claimed to be the “doppelgänger [sosie] Alan Alda ”, and be a man.

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