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In the series “From 18!” broadcast a film by Elke Lehrenkrauss. Who was that again? Mistake and irritation, the title of the episode, refers very nicely to the director’s history: In the spring, Elke Lehrenkrauss took care of her first film, the documentary Lovemobil, about prostitutes working in caravan parking lots, caused a sensation because the film had turned out so great – and even more sensation was the revelation that she had staged more than meets the eye of the film. Above all, she had replaced female protagonists who did not want to be filmed, even with an actress. She already had the order from 3sat, when the scandal broke out – and that she kept it, maybe under a little more supervision than last time, is correct.

Staging in itself is not a mistake, even in Mistake and irritation the camera stands in the position that enables the best setting and does not wait for reality to surprise it, because reality takes little account of aesthetic expectations. In any case, the subject of Lehrenkrauss’ new film, the young artist Ferndinand Dölberg, is himself. He explores being human while painting, or more precisely: he explores being human while living, and that flows into his pictures. Paintings of bodies dismantled into their parts and put back together again. Man is a machine, says Dölberg, and the system uses it. His characters are “anarchic game”, and he does it a bit like that with himself, with his tomato-red painted fingernails and fluffy whiskers. Dölberg is only 23, but a collector is already coming and buying one of his paintings.

Mistake and irritationThis is how the series is laid out, is a small study of people – but you can see how talented Elke Lehrenkrauss is: The march on the moon, which Dölberg and his brother thought up as a performance and with which the film begins and ends, is from dreamlike magic, with leather jackets sprayed in white and motorcycle helmets, the two trudge through a snowy night – an anarchic game. Lehrenkrauss knows exactly how to translate the fascinating – not necessarily beautiful, but captivating – about people into pictures. Forgiving her for a mistake that has harmed her the most is the opposite of a scandal.

From 18! Errors and irritation, in the ZDF media library.

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