Media Art Prize 2023 of the Ingvild and Stephan Goetz Art Foundation – Munich

What if something grows in a woman’s womb even though there hasn’t been any apparent fertilization before? When the thing eludes all control, reproduces itself and grows? Jianling Zhang announced that she wanted to tell the story of a “ghost belly” when the student at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts applied for the 2023 Media Art Prize of the Ingvild and Stephan Goetz Art Foundation. With her film project, Zhang wants to research “the history and formation of monstrous femininity and reproductive powers in horror films”. Central to this is the idea of ​​parthenogenetic motherhood – a mother who eludes male control and is able to reproduce independently.

Now Zhang has been awarded this prize with her project proposal “The first and the final girl”. The funding is endowed with 5000 euros for the realization of the work and linked to an exhibition in the Academy Gallery in September 2023. The Media Art Prize is a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and the Goetz Collection. It is advertised annually for an initial period of three years to promote young artists in the field of media art, to support the creation of new works and to strengthen their public perception.

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