Medals of Merit for Doris Rauscher and Franz Finauer – Ebersberg

Former Anzinger mayor Franz Finauer and SPD member of parliament Doris Rauscher have been awarded municipal medals of merit by Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) for their commitment to the common good. Finauer received the Silver Medal of Merit at the ceremony in Rosenheim. His 42 years of exemplary commitment to his community were honored, including 18 years as second mayor and twelve years as first mayor. Herrmann said in the laudatory speech that his leadership was always oriented towards the well-being of the community and was characterized by his citizen-friendly commitment across party lines. The Minister of the Interior acknowledged the milestones in Finauer’s term of office, including the successful renovation and expansion of the old town hall and the creation of a senior citizens’ center in the town center and a community center with a café and community center for all kinds of events and meetings, as well as the designation of building land for local residents.

Joachim Herrmann praised Ebersberg’s state parliamentarian, district and city councilor Doris Rauscher as a “social politician through and through”.

(Photo: Peter Schlecker/oh)

Doris Rauscher was awarded the Bronze Medal of Merit. She has been doing responsible work for a total of 20 years as a member of the city council and the district council of Ebersberg and as a member of the Bavarian state parliament, it was said in the laudatory speech. Rauscher is a “social politician through and through”, characterized by her commitment to justice, fairness and tolerance. Among other things, Herrmann acknowledged Rauscher’s commitment to the expansion of childcare places and safe routes to school.

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