“Me too he told me ‘Fuck you’, twice” … Verratti and Herrera bring heavy charges against the referee

Marco Verratti warmed up with the referee at the end of the game on Wednesday. – Paul ELLIS / AFP

It is difficult to say whether the seriousness of the accusations will lead to a response from the European football authorities but what is certain is that the Parisians were very upset against the referee on Wednesday evening after the elimination in the semi-final of the Ligue des champions against City. Invited to speak at the microphone of RMC Sport, Ander Herrera ended his analysis of the match by accusing Björn Kuipers of more than inappropriate remarks.

“The referee said ‘Fuck off’ to Paredes… We are talking about respect, but if we say that [les joueurs], it’s three or four games of suspension ”, declared the Spanish midfielder, quickly joined by his teammate Marco Verratti. “Me too, he told me ‘Fuck you’, twice, claimed the Italian. If I say: “Fuck you”, I take ten matches “. At the time of writing, no image corroborating these accusations could be found in the reels of the French broadcaster RMC Sport.

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