MBA: key questions for choosing a program – career

Those who want to successfully complete an MBA course need enthusiasm as well as hard work and discipline. At the beginning, however, there is the selection of the right program. Which criteria are important when making a decision.

The concept of the MBA (Master of Business Administration) comes from the USA. In 1900 Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business was established as the world’s first graduate school in management. It awarded for the first time the degree “Master of Commercial Science”, which is considered to be the forerunner of the MBA. Eight years later, Harvard Business School followed suit with a Master’s Degree in Commerce. For a long time, MBA programs were particularly widespread in the USA before they found widespread use in Europe and Asia in particular. There are now 140 MBA programs in Germany alone. Which of these, in which form, for example full-time or part-time, is suitable for aspirants, depends on the individual situation. Therefore, you should definitely clarify a few questions for yourself in advance.

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