Maxi Biewer leaves RTL after 30 years as a weather expert

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Maxi Biewer leaves RTL after 30 years

Maxi Biewer worked for RTL for 30 years

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Longtime RTL weather expert Maxi Biewer is leaving Den. For 30 years the moderator for the Cologne was on the TV screen.

Maxi Biewer turns his back on the weather news on RTL. The 57-year-old weather expert is leaving the station after three decades as reported by RTL. Her colleague Björn Alexander remembers the time at Biewer’s side. There are “not many people who radiate as much charm and energy in the morning hours as Maxi Biewer,” he explains. “In thousands of weather programs, millions of people were able to convince themselves of this every day and obtain comprehensive and competent information about the weather.”

Biewer’s career at RTL started in 1992. Since then, she has presented more than 15,000 weather forecasts from “Guten Morgen Deutschland” to “RTL Aktuell”. Maxi Biewer was also used as a weather expert in the programs of n-tv, VOX and RTLzwei.

Maxi Biewer sets the sails

“On the one hand, it’s sad when we no longer have colleagues around us or we gradually lose touch with each other. On the other hand, we’re happy that a piece of happiness in life and a dream are being fulfilled,” Björn Alexander continues. Maxi Biewer and her husband are now traveling – on a boat. “In summer we go to the Canary Islands. Then – at the end of the Atlantic hurricane season – we will continue sailing towards the Caribbean,” the weather expert is quoted as saying.

Biewer already announced in February on Instagram announced that she would go “in semi-retirement”. “Thank you to all the viewers who have let me into their lives for 30 years,” she wrote. “I owe it only to you that I was allowed to make the weather for sooo long, and you also shaped my life with it.”


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